Therapeutic Equipment & Products

Our therapeutic devices, equipment and products consist of dental and surgical devices designed to perform a therapeutic or corrective function. Therapeutic equipment serve any of the following purposes, or a purpose in connection with any of the following purposes:

  1. preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, alleviating, treating, curing, or compensating for, a disease, ailment, defect, or injury; or

  2. influencing, inhibiting, or modifying a physiological process; or

  3. testing the susceptibility of persons to a disease or ailment; or

  4. influencing, controlling, or preventing conception; or

  5. testing for pregnancy; or

  6. investigating, replacing, or modifying parts of the human anatomy


Many of our therapeutic equipment and products are FDA and CE approved. Our high quality therapeutic equipment & products are manufactured at plants that have ISO13485 certified quality management systems, and are being widely used in clinics and hospitals in the US, EU and other countries. 

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