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Surgical Instruments

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We offer a full line of precise, high quality surgical tools. These instruments are made from certified surgical grade steel and are forged and finished in an ISO 13485-certified medical devices facility.

Our selection of fine surgical instruments includes a wide variety of tweezers, forceps, scissors, bone instruments, surgical and vascular clips and clamps, scalpels, retractors, wound closure systems, vascular access instruments, and more.

Harvard Apparatus surgical instruments are available in several materials including stainless steel which is a popular choice. If for your application another material is a better option, such as Tungsten Carbide, then please let us know. Tungsten Carbide has a much longer life than its stainless steel counterparts. Titanium is at least 40% and even more lighter than equivalent stainless steel instruments, with better flexibility and strength. Titanium is also 100% non-magnetic. However for most surgeons and applications, stainless steel surgical instruments are a good choice.

Please click on the highlighted text below to download the respective surgical instrument product brochure:


- Laparoscopy Surgical Components
- Biopsy Instruments & Curettes 

- Biopsy Needles (Semi-Automatic and Automatic)
- Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Cutting Forceps 
- Bone Punches, Rongeurs 
- Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery 
- Diagnostic & Anesthesia Instruments 
- Dissecting & Tissue Forceps 
- Elevators , Bone Levers, Raspitory Bone File, Bone Curettes 
- Gall Bladders Liver & Spleen Instruments 
- Genito-Urinary Instruments & Trocars 
- Hospital Ware 
- Ligature, Hyterectimy Vaginal Clamps & Compression Forceps 

- Mallets, Chiesel & Gouges 
- Needle Holders Suture Instruments 
- Obstetrics &Tracheotomy 
- Plaster Instruments 
- Probes, Pocket Instruments Sets 
- Scalpels Knives & Scalpel Handles 
- Scissors 
- Self Retaing Retractors Abdominal
- Sponge, Dressing, Tissue Grasping & Towel Clamps Forceps
- Suction Instruments
- Uterine Prones Uterine Dressing Polypus & Ovum Forceps
- Vaginal Spacula & Uterine Dialators
- Vessel Clips, Bulldog Clamps Haemostatics
- Wound Retractors
- Disposable Shears
- Disposable and Reusable Magill Forceps

- Stainless Steel High Quality Surgical Power Tools

- Bone Drills and Tools

- Skin Marker Pen

- Disposable Nitrile Gloves

- Disposable Vinyl Gloves

- Face Mask with Earloop

- Face Mask with Ties

- Surgical Gown and Apparel

- Orthopedic Casting Tape and Splint

- Anesthesia Masks

- Breathing Bags

- Breathing Circuit for Anaesthesia

- Suction Liner

- Medical Emergency Trolleys Brochure 

- Surgical Smoke Evacuator (Low noise, exhaust-gas can be absorbed and filtered by multilayer high-speed fan. Can completely move gases. Active radius of suction is wide. Secure, trustable, available at all times)

Private label and OEM designs are accepted.


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