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Orthopedic Implants & Instruments & Products

Orthopedic Implants - Instruments - Prod

Orthopedic implants are devices surgically placed into the body designed to restore function by replacing or reinforcing a damaged structure. For the treatment of back pain, orthopedic implants such as bone plates and bone screws are used in spinal fusion surgery and fixation of fractured bone segments, as well as implant components used for hip and joint replacement. Materials used in orthopedic implants must be biocompatible to avoid rejection by the body. Risks associated with orthopedic implants include loosening of the implants or breaking in the bone causing painful inflammation and infection to surrounding tissue. We only supply highest quality implants and instruments that are FDA approved.

We offer orthopedic implants & instruments and products including:

- Bone Screws and Plates
- Nailing, Pins, Wires, Staples, Instruments
- Arthoplasty
- Bone Drills, Twist Drills
- Plaster Room Equipment
- External Fixators and Instruments
- Spinal Implants and Instruments
- Instruments for Skull and Knee Surgery
- General Orthopaedic Instruments & Miscellaneous Items
- Orthopaedic Sets

Please click on the highlighted text below to download the respective FDA and CE approved Orthopedic Implants & Instruments & Products product brochure:

- Stainless Steel High Quality Surgical Power Tools

- Bone Drills and Tools

- Orthopedic Casting Tape and Splint

- Skin Marker Pen

- Orthopedic Spine Systems KSS-I 6.0, KSS-II 5.5


Private label and OEM designs are accepted.


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