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Life Support Equipment & Products

Life Support Equipment from AGS-Medical.

Life Support Equipment are medical devices that are used in maintenance of vital functions of a critically ill person, a person in coma, or a person undergoing surgery. Life Support, Life Safety, or Life Sustaining devices normally include products such as:

The FDA’s Class III devices provides a greater Life Support list of devices.

Many of our medical life support equipment are FDA and CE approved. Our high quality medical life support equipment are manufactured at plants that have ISO13485 certified quality management systems, and are being widely used in clinics and hospitals. 

Below are our everyday use medical life support equipment and products. Please click on the highlighted text of interest in order to go to the respective product page: 

- Emergency Medical Products & Supplies

- Cold Chain Equipment

- Electro-Medical Equipment

- Medical Lasers

- Airway Management

- Miscellaneous Products

- Orthopedic Implants & Instruments & Products

- Medical Imaging Systems

- Micro Endoscopes & Endoscopic Video Systems

- Medical Storage & Transport Equipment

- Medical Examination Lights & Shadowless Lights

- Medical Disposables

- Suction Units

- Surgical Instruments

- Surgical Needles

- Surgical Sutures

- Surgical Rubber Goods

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