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Physiotherapy Equipment & Occupational Therapy 

Physiotherapy Equipment Occupational The

Physiotherapy Equipment & Occupational Therapy Products consist of items such as massage products, electro-stimulators, heat therapy units, cryotherapy products, pressure and vacuum therapy products, electro-acupuncture units, physical therapy lasers, rehabilitation systems, continuous passive motion devices, exercisers, infrared lamps, and many more.


Our Occupational Therapy Equipment & Products include items such as electrotherapy units, exercise balls, bands, hand exercise devices, hot & cold therapy, hydrotherapy units, bodily performance measuring devices and similar products.

We are posting brochures of our products below and will be updating them frequently as new physiotherapy equipment & occupational therapy products are introduced to the market. Please check our site frequently for the finest medical products with FDA and CE approval.

Please click on the highlighted text below to download the respective Physiotherapy Equipment & Occupational Therapy  brochure:

- Shockwave Physiotherapy Device

- Shockwave Therapy Devices List

He-Ne Laser Physiotherapy System
- JH35 Series
The low energy laser therapy system
Safe, no pain and no side effects, easy to operate
Enhances metabolism and provides advanced wound cure
One-in-and-two-out photo-conducting
Easy operation, flexible motion

Private label and OEM designs are accepted.

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