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Custom Medical Products

Custom Medical Products from AGS-Medical

AGS-Medical has extensive custom engineering and manufacturing capability in medical products. For many years we have been developing and manufacturing special products according to our customers needs and specifications. We have a vast global network, ownership and partnerships with the most outstanding plants around the globe. Our company has unique multidisciplinary product development and manufacturing capabilities that no other company can offer you. Some of the medical products we are specialized in developing are:

- Medical lasers, laser components, optics, fiber optics for diagnostic and surgical applications.
- Transfer and drug delivery systems.
- Radiology components, systems, instruments, radiation shielding components.
- Ultrasound and ultrasonic components and instruments.
- Medical devices incorporating precision sensors, actuators, motion stages, motors.

- Surgical & operational tools

- Medical devices incorporating radio-frequency identification (RFID), remote control.
- Sterilization, curing, treatment equipment such as medical ovens, ultraviolet or ozone treatment systems.
- Instruments and tools for the handicapped.
- Equipment and instruments for beauty, aesthetics, cosmetics, rejuvenation, skin care, hair removal, personal care.
- Custom made medical furniture for hospitals and clinics.
- Disposable and long term usage components from polymers, metals, specialty alloys, composites...etc. (such as medical grade packaging)
- Specialty functional coatings of surfaces for antibacterial and antifungal applications as well as other types of surface treatments and coatings such as catalyzer coatings and others.


We also obtain CE, UL, FDA certification for our customers products. 


Download our medical tubing and pipe manufacturing capabilities brochure

To have a better understanding of our engineering, design, new product development, product enhancement, reverse engineering and consulting capabilities please visit our engineering site

To learn more about our wide spectrum of custom manufacuring capabilities ranging from rapid prototyping to low volume, intermediate volume and high volume manufacturing, please visit

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