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Veterinary Medical Equipment & Products

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Veterinarians use equipment similar to that used by physicians, adapted to the needs of their animal patients. These are equipment similar to that used by radiologists, dentists, orthodontists, pathologists, dermatologists and surgeons in human hospitals. From simple surgical instruments such as steel scalpels to high technology equipment with imaging capabilities, you can find high quality medical equipment such as Anesthesia Equipment, Surgical Instruments, Ultrasound Equipment, X-Ray Equipment
and others for your veterinary clinic here.  Many of our veterinary medical equipment are FDA and CE approved. Our high quality veterinary medical equipment are manufactured at plants that have ISO13485 certified quality management systems, and are being widely used in animal clinics and hospitals. 

Below are our veterinary medical equipment and products. Please click on the highlighted text of interest in order to go to the respective product page: 

- Veterinary Diagnostic Equipment & Products

- Veterinary Therapeutic Equipment & Products

- Veterinary Life Support Equipment & Products

- Veterinary Everyday Use Equipment & Products

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