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Diagnostic Medical Equipment & Products

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Many of our diagnostic medical devices are FDA and CE approved. Our high quality medical diagnostic equipment are manufactured at plants that have ISO13485 certified quality management systems, and are being widely used in clinics and hospitals.

Choose from a wide range of high-quality medical diagnostics equipment for monitoring blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, weight,...etc. Products include: 
- Stethoscopes

- Dermatoscope
- Otoscope (four types: conventional, fiber optic, mini conventional, mini fiber optic) 
- Ophtalmoscope
- Diagnostic Set
- Esophagoscope

- Dopplers

- Ultrasound Equipment

- X-Ray and Other Imaging Equipment
- Tuning Forks for Audiometry
- Homecare Products (including fetal doppler, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, non-contact thermometers...etc.)

Below are the diagnostic medical products. Please click on the highlighted text of interest in order to go to the respective product page: 

- Audiometry Tools & Instruments

- Electro Medical Equipment

- Ophtalmology & Optometry Instruments

- Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment & Tools & Products

- Laryngoscopes

- Medical Examination Lights & Shadowless Lights

- Medical Imaging Systems

- Micro Endoscopes & Endoscopic Video Systems

- Esophagoscope

- Microscopes & Microtomes & Projectors

- Pathology Lab Items

- Otology & Neurotology

- Dental Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

- Weighing Scales

- Dermatoscope

- Diagnostic Set  (Products in the set include: Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, Spreadable Nasal Speculum, Bent Arm Illuminator, Tongue Depressor, Tongue Blade Holder, Laryngeal Mirrors, Medium Battery Handle, Ear Tips, Supplied with Halogen bulb or LED bulb, please confirm while ordering)


Private label and OEM designs are accepted. 

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