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Medical Lasers

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Medical Lasers can be used for various medical purposes. Laser therapy is a medical treatment that uses a strong beam of light to cut, burn, or destroy tissue. Because the laser beam is so small and precise, it allows health care providers to safely treat tissue without injuring the surrounding area.

Lasers are widely used in:

Below you will find links to our FDA and CE approved high quality medical lasers. As we receive new devices, we will be updating our product brochures, so please make sure to visit our pages frequently.

Please click on the highlighted green text below to download the respective Medical Lasers brochure:

Cosmetic Lasers and Related Instruments:

- Diode Laser Hair Removal Device

- Cosmetic Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) & E-Light and RF

- A Brief Introduction Into Cosmetic Lasers and IPL - E-Light and RF

- Wearable Laser Cap Against Hair Loss

Surgical Diode Laser Systems:

- PD030 (980nm Series)
980nm Diode laser Type
Automatic Cycle Control System
Easy to Operate
Optional Shell Colors

- MD20 (808nm Series)
808nm Diode Laser Type
Output mode of Precision single point. 
Hair removal
Compact portable style

- Laser Pen
Compact,Pen style
Finger Switch
Comprehensive Safety Precaution

Nd:YAG Laser Systems:

- PY1000 Series
Q-switches ND:YAG
Full Touch Screen Control Type
Reliable Output Power and Stable Laser Beam Pulse Quality
Quick Response to Changing Mode Selection and Configuration
Normalization of Function Parameter and Shortening of Internal Signal Processing

- PY500 Series
No bleeding, narcotization is not necessary
New laser technology-instantaneous explosion.
Standardized building block design, convenient for maintenance.
Will not destroy hair follicle, will not injure ordinary skin, no scars.
Q-switches ND:YAG, produced according to international standards, stable properties.


CO2 Laser Surgical Systems:

- PC040DS (Fractional Laser Series)
Fractional laser with less skin damage, high security
Fast treatment and quick recovery
Laser scanning handpiece with more accurate grinding, get to the depth of treatment easily
Less pain, less skin damage
Suitable for all types of people, high return on investment

- PC015-A (15W Power Series)
Computer control to accurately preset output power, with safety functions like water temperature alarm
Compact design, easy movement and easy transportation
MagicRepeatSingle pulse and CW. Operation modes
Fractional laser scanner technology
Power-on self test, automatic failure alarm and diagnosis


- PC030-B (30W Power Series)
Independently developed TEM00 mode laser tube (patented)
Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
Smart variable treatment graphics
Pilot beam of 5mW diode laser
Safety protection with automatic alarm

He-Ne Laser Physiotherapy System:

- JH35 Series
The low energy laser therapy system
Safe, no pain and no side effects, easy to operate
Enhances metabolism and provides advanced wound cure
One-in-and-two-out photo-conducting
Easy operation, flexible motion

Medical Laser Accessories:

- Laser tube
Glass laser tube
Long lifetime
Used for non-metal materials
Full CE,FDA approved


- Laser power
CO2 laser power supply
Our power supplies have outstanding features
Good integrity
Advanced technology
Easy control, safety


- Laser goggles
Hot selling
High polymer material polycarbonate
Can protect from laser light within special wavebands
Comfortable design, ergonomically engineered


- Surgical Smoke Evacuator
Low noise
Exhaust-gas can be absorbed and filtered by multilayer
High-speed fan can completely move gases
Active radius of suction is wide
Secure, trustable, available at all times


- Eye patch


Private label and OEM designs are accepted.

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