Electro Medical Equipment

Electro Medical Equipment from AGS-Medic

Electro-Medical Equipment or Devices (EMD) can be used for Diagnostic (e.g., imaging equipment, monitoring devices)  or Therapeutic (e.g., surgical instruments, lasers) purposes.  Some examples of electro-medical equipment are:

  • Anesthesia machine

  • Phototherapy Devices

  • Physiotherapy Devices

  • Aspiration/Suction Pump

  • Blood Chemistry analyzer

  • C-Arm system – unit, monitor, table

  • Centrifuge

  • Coagulation analyzer

  • Autoclave / Sterilizer

  • Cast Saw

We will be updating our electro-medical equipment list as we add new equipment to our stock. Our medical products are FDA and CE certified and manufactured and serviced under ISO 13485 certified quality management system.