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Rehabilitation & Therapy Products and Aids

Rehabilitation & Therapy Products and Ai

Check our product brochure links below for Rehabilitation & Therapy Products and Aids. Among our products you will find the finest FDA and CE approved Versatile Multifunctional Cold and Warm Wrap, UV Phototherapy Device, Shockwave Physiotherapy Devices, Orthopedic Casting Tape and Splint and more.

Please click on the highlighted text below to download the respective Rehabilitation & Therapy Products and Aids brochure:

- Versatile Multifunctional Cold and Warm Wrap

- UV Phototherapy Device

- 308nm Excimer  System for Treatment of Skin Problems

- Shockwave Physiotherapy Device

- Shockwave Therapy Devices List

- Wearable Laser Cap Against Hair Loss

- Orthopedic Casting Tape and Splint

He-Ne Laser Physiotherapy System
- JH35 Series
The low energy laser therapy system
Safe, no pain and no side effects, easy to operate
Enhances metabolism and provides advanced wound cure
One-in-and-two-out photo-conducting
Easy operation, flexible motion



Private label and OEM designs are accepted.

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