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Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment & Tools & Products

Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment & Tools

We provide a number of high quality FDA and CE listed Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment & Tools & Products. A brief list of clinical diagnostics equipment and products are:

  • Automated DNA Sequencer

  • Blood Bank Equipment 

  • Blood Chemistry Analyzers, Blood Analyzers

  • Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

  • Drug Test Kits

  • Gynecology Test Kits

  • Colposcope Systems

Check our pages frequently, as we will keep posting new diagnostic laboratory equipment, tools and products as we expand our FDA and CE approved medical products list.

Click on the highlighted text below to go to respective Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment & Tools & Products brochures catalogs and product pages.

- HCG, LH and Drug Tests

- Gynecology Consumables

- Colposcope Systems

- Biopsy Needles (Semi-Automatic and Automatic)

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