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Medical Waste Management Products

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We offer a line of Bio Medical Waste Management Products such as Sharp Disposal Containers, Biomedical Waste Collection Bags, Wheel Waste Bin, Foot Operated Trash Bin, Garbage Bags and others. We keep up with the regulation of biomedical waste management and provide an effective, safe and environment friendly range of bio-medical waste containers, bags... etc. These products are helpful in proper handing of biomedical waste and other materials. Medical waste management products help protect the workers, general public and environment, especially in the healthcare sectors. They are used mainly in hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, medical research laboratories, doctors offices and home health care. As our other products, our medical waste management products comply with FDA and CE regulations.

Medical waste management products:

- Sharps Containers

- Disposable Nitrile Gloves

- Disposable Vinyl Gloves

- Urine Bags

- Suction Liner

- Surgical Smoke Evacuator (Low noise, exhaust-gas can be absorbed and filtered by multilayer high-speed fan. Can completely move gases. Active radius of suction is wide. Secure, trustable, available at all times)

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