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Hospital Medical Furniture

Hospital Medical Furniture.jpg

You can find the finest quality FDA and CE approved Hospital Medical Furniture at AGS-Medical. We supply hospital beds, surgery room furniture, other medical furniture, ambulance stretchers and transportation trolleys, medical emergency trolleys, medical examination lights and shadowless lights, and more. Our hospital medical furniture are carefully chosen for their multi-functionality, long term reliability and lifetime, strength, endurance, corrosion resistance, ease of use, ease of cleaning and sterilization, practicality, safety and cost competitiveness. 

Please click on the highlighted text below to download the respective hospital medical furniture brochure:

- Hospital Beds

- Surgery Room Furniture

- Other Surgical and Medical Furniture

- Ambulance Stretchers and Transportation Trolleys

- Medical Examination Lights & Shadowless Lights

- Medical Emergency Trolleys Brochure

Private label and OEM designs are accepted.

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