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Laboratory Equipment & Products

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Our Laboratory Equipment & Products are suitable for clinics, hospitals medical labs, medical research facilities and other places. You can order your HCG, LH and drug tests, gynecology consumables, colposcope systems, medical trolleys, laboratory consumables such as gloves and sharps containers from us. All our laboratory equipment and products comply with US and international laws, regulations and standards such as FDA, CE and are manufactured under strict ISO13485 quality management system standards.

Please click on the highlighted text below to download the respective Laboratory Equipment & Products brochure:

- HCG, LH and Drug Tests

- Gynecology Consumables

- Biopsy Needles (Semi-Automatic and Automatic)

- Colposcope Systems

- Sharps Containers

- Disposable Nitrile Gloves

- Disposable Vinyl Gloves

- Medical Emergency Trolleys Brochure  (this brochure contains medical and clinical trolleys, stainless steel shelves, washing sink, holloware suitable for medical and dental labs)

- Face Mask with Earloop

- Face Mask with Ties

Private label and OEM designs are accepted.

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