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General Orthopaedic Instruments & Miscellaneous Items

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Our products under General Orthopaedic Instruments & Miscellaneous Items category are:

- Chiesels, Osteotomes, Gouges and Curette

- Miscellaneous Items

The following is a more detailed list of the products under these categories:

- Curette, Volkman Double ended

- Curette, Burn Bone

- Curette with Fibre Handle

- Chiesel Stilly Type

- Chiesel With Fibre Handle

- Osteotomes Stilly Type Straight & Curved

- Osteotomes with Fibre Handle

- Gouge Stilly Type

- Gouge with Fibre Handle Straight/Curved

- Howarth Elevator Die

- Smith Peterson Osteotome

- Retractor, Backman Adson11½

- Retractor, Bristow’s

- Retractor, Legenback, Length 8½

- Retractor, Nerve Root

- Retractor, Volkman's

- Double Hook Retractor

- Retractor, Senn Miller

- Retractor and Elevator, Bennett's

- Charnely Hip Retractor with weight & chain

- Elevator, Doyen's

- Lever for Bone, Lanes types S.S. with Serrated End

- Lever for Bone, Lanes Type

- Lever for Bone trethowen's Type

- Hook for Bone (A.O Type)

- Hook for Skin with Three Prong

- Periosteal Elevator - Straight & Curved (Farabeuf)

- Sharp Hook

- Awty Osteotomy Retractor

- Double Ended Elevator Spoon Shape

- Desmarres Retractor

- Ramie Retractor

- Kilner Skin Retractor

- Mc Donald's Retractor

- Periosteal Elevator Double Ended Small & Large

- Hook for Skin with One Prong

- Skin Hook with two Prong

- Hohmann Retractor

- Zerny's Retractor

- Alm's Retractor

- Periosteal Elevator - Straight & Curved with Fibre Handle

- Love Nerve Root Retractor - Straight

- Love Nerve Root Retractor - 45º Angle

- Love Nerve Root Retractor - 90º Angle

- Cobs Elevator

- Cryer Elevator

- Dental Elevator L/R

- Hack Saw with 2 Blades

- Doyen's rib Sheerer

- Lamina Spreader

- Gelpi Retractor Small, Medium, Large

- Mostroid Retractor

- Electric Bone Saw, Oscillatory and Rotary Model A/C

- Tuder Edward Bone cutting Forceps

- Bone cutting Forceps (Single Action)

- Bone cutting Forceps (Double Action) Straight & Curved

- Bone Nibbler (Double Action) St. or Angular

- Ferris smith (Kerrison) sphenoidal punch forceps up/down

- Ferris smith (Kerrison) Spurling Rongeurs Straight (Thin)

- Spurling Rongeurs Up (thin)

- Ferris smith (Kerrison) Spurling Rongeurs Down (thin)

- Punch forceps-45º Angle up/down

- Spinal Roungers

- Burn's Bone Holding Forceps

- Hey Grooves Bone Holding Forceps

- Fergusson's or Lion Bone Holding Forceps

- Lane's Bone Holding Forceps

- Lane's Bone Holding Forceps (with Ratchet)

- Mini Reduction Forceps

- Mini Reduction Forceps (Pointed)

- Mini Plate Holding Forceps

- Mini Bone Holding Forceps

- Petella Bone Holding 3 Prong

- Reduction Clamp (Threaded lock)

- Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps Light Weight

- Reduction Forceps Serrated, Ratchet Lock

- Reduction Forceps Pointed, Speed Lock

- Reduction Forceps Pointed, Ratchet Lock

- Modified Patela Bone Holding Forceps 4 Prong

- Modified Patella Bone Holding Forceps Three Prong

- Modified Patella Bone Holding Forceps Four Prong

- Bone And Plate Holding Forceps

- Lowman Bone Clamp

- Malleolar Forceps with 2 Points which meet at 15º angle 210mm

- Bone Holding Forceps

- Plate Holding Forceps Plier Type

- Hammer, Nylon Faced

- Hammer Nylon faced with fiber Handle

- Hammer Bone S.S. with S.S. Handle

- Hammer, Bone S.S. with Fiber Handle

- Esmarch Rubber

- Pneumatic Tourniquet, complete with 3 cuff inflation bag and gauge in carrying case with pump

- Skin Grafting Knife, Large S.S. Handle

- Skin Grafting Knife, Large- Aluminium Handle

- Skin Grafting Knife, Small Alunium Handle

- Skin Grafting Blade

- Distractor for Tibia & Femur- Small

- Distractor for Tibia & Femur- Large

- Paediatric Tibial & Femur Reduction Device (F-Tool Small)

- Sterilization Tubes

- Sterilization Tubes (Sutiable for llizarov)

- Electronic Tourniquet

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