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AGS-Medical is a manufacturer of high end products for the medical industry including medical implants, orthopaedic products, drill bits, surgical tools, medical endoscopes & accessories, medical lasers and optic components, sterilization and cleaning instruments. Besides off-the shelf products, we do offer special manufacturing according to your requirements. We specialize in the material science, surface coating & treatment, manufacturing, testing of reliable surgical implants and surgical tools. Most of our products are FDA approved, CE compliant and sold under our name or if preferred under our customers brand names. We can either supply you products under our own brands or manufacture them under your brand and supply you as finished and packaged ready for sale. We do sign agreements with our customers to protect their intellectual property. We either manufacture our customers own designs or we develop and manufacture the required medical product for them as a service. Contact us to get more details.

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Advanced Medical Products Manufacturer in New Mexico

AGS-Medical - Advanced Medical Products Manufacturer;
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