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CO2 Laser Surgical System

CO2 Laser Surgical System

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PC040DS (Fractional Laser Series)

Fractional laser with less skin damage, high security

Fast treatment and quick recovery

Laser scanning handpiece with more accurate grinding, get to the depth of treatment easily

Less pain, less skin damage

Suitable for all types of people, high return on investment

PC015-A (15W Power Series)

Computer control to accurately preset output power, with safety functions like water temperature alarm

Compact design, easy movement and easy transportation

MagicRepeatSingle pulse and CW. Operation modes

Fractional laser scanner technology

Power-on self test, automatic failure alarm and diagnosis

PC030-B (30W Power Series)

Independently developed TEM00 mode laser tube (patented)

Sealed-off CO2 laser technology

Smart variable treatment graphics

Pilot beam of 5mW diode laser

Safety protection with automatic alarm

Product Reference Code: OICASJUEHUA

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